O Hey, Chef Omar!

Whether you’re an all-out foodie or just plain hungry, put Mezze at the top of your list of must-try restaurants. (Warning: you WILL start having cravings that will keep you coming back for more.)

Chef Omar is the man behind the rotisserie at this gorgeous new spot right next to the Happy Steps that lead up to the Angelika.


The best way to describe Mezze’s space is “rustic yet modern.” Aged wood and industrial metal finishes feel old world yet very much today, all at the same time. An open kitchen boasts giant rotisseries spinning lamb, chicken and beef to perfection. The “LOCALLY GROWN” living mural is a focal point and not-so-subtle hint that Mezze uses locally grown produce to craft its fresher-than-fresh Mediterranean-influenced dishes.


Speaking of the food…all great chefs say that before you eat with your taste buds, you eat with your eyes. And, boy, are Mezze’s dishes a feast for the eyes. Between the colors, the painstaking attention to detail, and creative presentation, Mezze is an Instagram foodie’s dream. You WILL get ALL. THE. LIKES.


After admiring your meal, the next obvious step is to devour it, which you will. Mezze is fluent in classic Mediterranean dishes like hummus, kabobs, lamb and Mousaka. The sweet patatas bravas are one of Chef Omar’s signature dishes: roasted sweet potatoes topped with manchego cheese and a green chile aioli, served with Spanish catsup (that’s Chef Omar’s Latin flair sneaking in). The suckling pig is another showstopper.

With Sunday brunch and a daily happy hour, Mezze truly is the ideal spot for dates and group outings any day of the week. And if you’ve got any room left for dessert, pop by Edith’s Pâtisserie & Boulangerie, owned and run by Chef Omar’s wife, Edith.

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